New Website Launch for The Farmer’s Dog

Daneswood have recently launched a new and refreshing website for The Farmer’s Dog! The company specialises in the production of quality raw dog food, based in Crediton in Devon.

Already a client of Daneswood, The Farmer’s Dog’s launch has been accompanied by the help of WNW Digital, after they took over the client base of Daneswood in September 2019.

The new website has been created to involve a user-friendly format and clean design. The site has also been optimised for mobile, which is a must in all website design and builds for our clients. Browsing on the go is part of everyday life, so not only will you fall behind the times, but any SEO work to your website would be hindered by a non-responsive site.

This is an e-commerce website so all visitors can browse their product range and make purchases directly on the website.

In terms of the site’s purchasing system, The Farmer’s Dog has been integrated with SagePay so customers can complete quick and easy purchases, ensuring their payment details are safe and secure.

WordPress allows the site the client to have complete control over the content on their website and they have the ability to keep this updated without the help of our team.

In addition to the online version of their physical Crediton store, the website offers customers with the important information and benefits about their dog food products and lists their stockists all over the country to ensure visitors get all the information they need.

Overall, the site launch gives both new and existing customers of The Farmer’s Dog an easier shopping method from their mobile or PC, straight to their front door. It displays an easy view of information they may need to know when making a purchase.

Why not take a look? Explore their website here and we’d love to hear what you think!

Or maybe you’re looking for a new website yourself? If you’re interested in having a website built, contact one of our experts here. We’re happy to help!