My first few months at Daneswood

Hiya, my name’s Louisa. I’m the newest addition to the Daneswood team. Here’s a little insight into my background, I’m a London gal, who moved from Kent to the south west quite some time ago and now I live 10 minutes from the beach! Quite contrasting life styles, I know.

Name – Louisa Hutton

Age – 20

Job role – Social Media Specialist | Designer | Digital Marketing

Hobbies – Skiing, horse riding, gym and socialising (if that’s a hobby)

Personality – Outgoing, ambitious, hard working

My last job was working at a restaurant in the beautiful town of Lyme Regis in Dorset as a manager/barista. I had control over their Instagram which I successfully helped grow and where I started to realise social media was my thing. My favourite pastimes are, cutting shapes in the club on a Saturday night, cuddling my adorable black Labrador Max, watching Netflix and going to the gym.

I studied at Exeter College completing my A Levels, then went on to do my Foundation Diploma, specialising in Graphic Design which I thoroughly enjoyed. I spent some time umming and arrring over what the next best path to take was. University or an Apprenticeship?  Do I want to be in 50 grand of debt, spending the rest of my life paying it back or do an apprenticeship, getting paid to learn? It’s a no brainer right!  I opted for the apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. In my opinion I feel like it’s one of the best ways to learn, as you’re in the work place understanding how it really works, rather than spending months at a time on a particular project at uni, which isn’t realistic when it comes to real work.

Over the last month of working here I’ve learnt a hell of a lot! I spent a lot of time learning and understanding how AdWords and analytics work, designing artwork for clients’ websites/social media, creating Mailchimp campaigns, writing content for clients’ social media and managing their accounts, especially on Facebook manager and Twitter. Meeting some of my main clients has been fun as well as enjoying getting to know the super friendly Daneswood team.

With my existing skills in graphic design and social media I was so glad that I could put these to use within my job role whilst learning a completely new skill, digital marketing, which I think will benefit me hugely now and in the future as it’s only growing and it’s what businesses are investing in.