What am I meant to blog about?

Most of the small business websites we design these days always have a blog in them. Google likes blogging, as content is still king in their eyes, and it shouts loudly that the company wants to communicate with their customers and talk about their services and ethos.

Sometimes they are called simply ‘Blog’, sometimes ‘News’, sometimes ‘Insights’ but they are all the same, they are meant to contain regular articles from that company. However, after the site has ‘gone live’, so many of our clients lose confidence and stop blogging, unable to find the time, but more importantly they just can’t think up the headings to blog about. So we decided to help with that.

We can email you every month 5 blog headings to choose from. They are usually in the form of a question that you need to answer, as it is often the best place to start, as your customers will be coming to your website with questions they want answered.

We base our 5 blog headings on Google’s most searched for questions around your specific industry, so the questions we set you are targeted for SEO already. Here’s an example, we helped a local electrician get 5 blogs ready for his site launch based around the electrical services he offers:

  • What appliances need PAT testing?
  • 5 tips when rewiring a house
  • How are consumer units wired?
  • Who can do an electrical inspection?
  • What are the advantages of LED over halogen lights?

Our client simply wrote the answers on an email, as if he was talking to a customer who had asked the question, and we uploaded them as blogs that month, and supported him by posting them out on two social media channels too.

We like to offer practical help and tips with our client’s ongoing marketing. Not hot air and techy jargon.

If you wish to receive our 5 blog headings per month for your specific business for just £65 + VAT, please email Luke for further details: [email protected]