How to create a great short film

We love video on websites. We encourage it with our clients whenever we can. Here is a lovely example of a well made short film that was produced by Oatey Media in Cornwall for our client MA Grigg. It was made to promote what their countryside store and restaurant is all about – ‘a family day out’ and all aspects of ‘country living’.

Watch it first below then read our reasons we like it below.

Why we feel it works:

  • They kept it short at 2 mins
  • Showcases the company’s personality – they are not selling a specific product but demonstrating the ‘experience’ of the Griggs brand– emotions are so important in video. They are selling ‘everything countryside’.
  • They know their audience well, as it talks directly to them, showing them grooming their horses, walking the dogs, carving the Sunday roast and ploughing the land.
  • Good choice of music
  • Nicely branded at start and end of the video
  • Placed up on dedicated MA Grigg YouTube channel

The fact is that good videos are just more memorable.

Always upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and push it out to all your social platforms to increase exposure and encourage sharing. Ensure you include a full title (no acronyms), a keyword rich description and then watch the ‘views’ go up and up!

If you are interested in getting a business video created, then we highly recommend Oatey Media ( as they are young, affordable and produce great quality videos.

If you would like help in setting up a YouTube channel and promoting your business, call Luke on 01392 248 365 or [email protected]