How to avoid annoying your mailing list customers

Great, you’ve captured lots of email addresses in your mailing list, but how do you avoid becoming that company that sends out pointless emails that they end up in the trash, or are labelled as ‘spam’ or ‘annoying’?

Well the thing you want to avoid is getting on the wrong side of your customers. The reason for sending out emails is mainly to build a relationship and send customers information which they can relate to and benefit from.

Our tips are…

Ensure whatever you’re sending them, it benefits them in some way

First of all why did they sign up to your mailing list? What did you say you’d provide them with at the sign up stage? If you promised them ‘20% off your first order’ or ‘A free first edition Ebook’, then people are going to expect to get this in return. You need to class them as your first come first served audience, that get the exclusives and the first to see new products and offers.

Be genuine and helpful

Be honest, truthful and helpful. If your subscribers need to know the answer to something make sure you give them an honest helpful answer. Make it clear in small print the concerns subscribers may have, such as how to unsubscribe to your newsletter. Using a common and trusted email marketing provider, such as MailChimp, will make this easy for you.

Keep your emails looking exciting – let loose your artistic flare!

Spice up the look of your email templates, maybe have a few variations which are visually appealing. Maybe a pop of colour! Or, some compelling artwork or copyright free stock photos to lift the look and feel.

Make your emails something to look forward to. Stay subtle and not shouty.

Lastly make sure your emails are rich in content, and your subscribers will feel they are the first to know. Don’t be overly intrusive because this can alienate people, the subtle approach is more likely to pay off.

If you need some suggestions for email ideas for your business, feel free to contact us today!