5 Unexpected ways WooCommerce can make your shop better

Most ecommerce platforms these days will allow your online shop to have all the selling bells and whistles that customers expect. But there are a few gems about WooCommerce that you should consider trying out.

  1. Reviews – use a 3rd party review service such as Trust Pilot which has a great plugin that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and displays the reviews nicely. It adds ‘tried and tested’ kudos to your products from the social sphere which is always good for sales.


  1. Accounts – managing the accounts can be hard when you start up an online shop so start handling the sales online easier by integrating WooCommerce into Quickbooks via their plugin. It allows for easier account management all round.


  1. Google Analytics – don’t forget to take advantage of the free plugins out there, such as WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration. You can link a referral to purchases and add transaction information to your Google Analytics data. This will allow you to start tracking sales conversions and other site activity in Google Analytics.


  1. Special Offers – they have great plugins for discounts and special promotions which really helps seasonal sales pushes of products or January clearance discounts. One I particularly like is the Dynamic Pricing extension that allows you to mix and match your promotions, with offers like 10% off when you buy 3 products.


  1. Secure Updates – I like a fast load speed and my plugins secure. Security may not be the most glamorous aspect about WooCommerce, but if your take your online business seriously, it’s an important issue. Regular updates to Woocommerce allows new features and ensures it is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress.